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Site Builder Tutorial


If you use our Site Builder, you can build and update your website easily; yet the outcome is still professional and unique; because we have more than 500 templates for you to choose; and each has 3 different color schemes. Within few hours you can already make your company's website. It's simple and easy.

If you're our customer already, please  login http://www.yourdomain.com:2006/widzard/
Now please select the Interface language; e.g. English, Traditional Chinese or Simpilified Chinese.

Site Builder 4 Landing page

Then, click "Start" at the lower right corner.

Then choose which website you'd like to create, like "Create your site"; and click "Next" at the lower right corner.

Now, you can choose the web template that you like. We have more than 500 different templates for you; you can browse by categories. Remember, each template has 3 different colors and banners; and you can even upload your own banner if you like.

From the above picture, you can browse by "Category" drop down box. And the number of templates for that category will be shown at the bottom bar. Some categories may have more than 60 templates. So remember to click "Next page" button to browse all of them!


At the right hand side, you can choose different color scheme, banners, menu styles, logo and site information.

Color Schemes: On average, each template has 3 color schemes and 3 different banners.

Banner: Due to the design of each template, the size (width & height) of the banner that you can upload is different. If you upload a banner that is bigger than the allowed size, the system will show you what size the banner should be.

Logo: You may upload your company logo, but remember to resize to a small icon before you upload to your website.

Site Info: It is a place to write something about your company.

Label Meaning Example
Site Title Company name / website name ABC Tutorial Center
Subtitle Company slogan / subtitle We care about your child
Footer message Copyright message / any message on the bottom Copyright (c) 2009 by ABC Tutorial Center. All right reserved.

Now we can click "Next".

Then we have entered the "Pages". Here is the place you can setup your site structure;
for example, Home page, About us, Our services, Our products, Contact Us pages.

At the left top corner, you can choose the Page Sets, for example, a personal website, a business website, a service businese website, etc.

In the middle column there are Standard pages and Special pages, you can select the pages and add to your site structure by clicking the button; or remove a specific page by clicking the button.

You can rename the page name by selecting the page and clicking the "Rename" button.

Site Builder supports 2 levels of page structure. The Top level can be used like "Our company", "Our Services", "Our products", "Contact Us" pages; and the sub level can be used under "Our Services" to introduce each service / product that your company supplies.

And you can also move your page up / down, or change from top level to sub level as you like.

For example, the ABC Tutorial center has courses for Babies and pre-school kids, you may set your sturcture like this:

After setting the site map, the Next step is to edit each pages' content.

At step 4 - Edit, there is a Site map at the top left corner. You can choose which page to edit by clicking the corresponding page. Below the Site map, you can change the Page Title, Page File Name, Page Keywords and Page Description for search engines.

In the middle panel is the content editor. This is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor similar to normal text-editors. You can find most commonly used functions in the middle toolbar.

Save Cut, Copy, Paste
Bold, Italic, Underline Align Left, Center, Right, Both sides
Link to pages within my web pages Link / Unlink to other web pages
Insert Image Insert table
Insert horizontal line Text format e.g. Title, Heading
Font Font size
Text color Background color

At the right column there are many modules, like Area Map, Feedback and Voting, etc.

Google Map

You should register in Google Map API and enter your domain name, e.g. www.abc.com.
After getting your Google Map API Key, you can copy & paste to Site Builder Google Map API code, and then enter the name of the place (like Mongkok).

Allows your visitor to send feedback to your email box.
Allows your visitor to vote for a certain topic.

Afterwards, you can click "Preview" button at lower right corner to preview your website.

At last, you can click "Next" to enter the "Publish" step.

Publish settings
Default Value
Your Direct Admin Login name
Your Direct Admin password
Working directory
Website URL

You cannot publish if you're using a trial account.

After publish, you can visit your own website now. (Remember to enter F5 Refresh to reload your web page)

Congratulations! You have just finished making your own website. If you'd like to update it anytime, you can just login again and update.

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Site Builder Tutorial
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