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Shenzhen, China data center located in Banxuegang Longgang District Sakata street. Bell Road, Banxuegang, Telecom Tower, 4th Floor, IDC, Huawei near the base, established in 2008, the four-star data center room.

Bandwidth resources introduction

Shenzhen Telecom IDC gigabit high-speed physical Fibre 150G core export bandwidth straight even ChinaNet backbone network by the switch, which Sakamoto snow hillock preliminary building egress bandwidth for 4G direct international the Internet, important nodes all using a two-node, dual-route backup way, and to redundancyI line structure ensures high-speed and reliable linking.

Scale introduction

Data center Banxuegang data center professional development for business customers of China Telecom Shenzhen Branch, is divided into a total of two construction projects. The first phase of which is located on the 4th floor in April 2008 through the project acceptance, computer room floor area of ​​about 1,500 square meters, can use the rack 102. In order to protect the safety of electricity and equipment of commercial customers, the Banxuegang room to install a matching set of security and redundancy, such as electricity and air conditioning. A cargo elevator Banxuegang IDC room, elevator load-bearing 1000KG. Room floor load-bearing is 850KG / M2, by strengthening the structure and partial pressure can make the bearing more than 1000 KG / M2.Banxuegang Business data center is based on the close to the actual needs of business customers, and has maintained a strict run by China Telecom standard.

Power system

Engine room to introduce a class of green mains, 2 +1 redundant UPS systems, Liebert IDC equipment supply, battery back-up time to work more than 0.5 hours to meet full with requirements. Multilayer power protection systems and strict power maintenance and security system ensure the IDC room Banxuegang power to achieve high availability rate. 99.9% of the continuous power supply to ensure; configure two 1000KW Cummins diesel generator sets provide emergency electricity for Banxuegang IDC room equipment, and PetroChina signed a one hour Emergency send oil agreement to ensure oil supply provide power supply for a long time.

Air-conditioning system

The China Telecom IDC room Banxuegang mature on the air supply to the entire room within 10 Typhoon cooled central air conditioning, and N +1 redundant configuration, to achieve a better thermostat, humidistat control effect.
Fire protection system: the engine room internal fire extinguishing system automatically CFM-200 intelligent gas extinguishing system, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, supporting facilities to take stringent fire material with the overall fire performance for telecom grade fire standards.

Power Monitoring System

7x24 x365 closely monitor the management of the state-of-the-art environmental monitoring system, all power equipment, electromechanical equipment, network systems, environmental parameters system for real-time monitoring, proactive monitoring and preventive measures.

Security system

Banxuegang data center using international first-class digital video surveillance and access IC electronic access control systems, access control system records as well as out of the registration records are to maintain more than one year; In order to effectively protect the customer's equipment safety, Banxuegang Business data center in strict accordance with the safety standards of China Telecom's requirementsthe tight 7X24-hour monitoring, video surveillance for up to a month or more, for customers to create a safe, data Harbour.
Rack: 44U standard rack, the introduction of dual power per rack 12A current charge. Room on air distribution system, the front part of the cabinet for the cold channel, the latter part of the cabinet of the hot air channel cabinet cooling heat through the back door and the top of the cabinet, sent back to the air conditioning system for the next. Precision air conditioning and air distribution system to ensure that the temperature and humidity inside the engine room in strict conformity with the needs of the business-type customers



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